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We are a new academy, and the second school to open under the Mossbourne name. The flagship school, in Central Hackney, has become synonymous with educational excellence – achieved through outstanding teaching, a culture of ‘no excuses’ and high expectations of students and staff. At Mossbourne Victoria Park, we will continue and build on that ethos in order to provide an inspiring and rewarding education for all our students.

Secondary school students are at a time of their lives when they benefit greatly from clear values and consistent guidance. It is a challenge for schools everywhere to provide this stability in a changing educational, social and economic landscape. At Mossbourne, our values are deeply rooted in a belief that all students can succeed. We define that success as their ability, upon completing their formal education, to join society as informed, curious and independent participants. It is important that our students leave with first rate qualifications, as these will open doors to future opportunities and careers. Equally important, however, is that our students are confident, are interested in the world and able to think for themselves.
To achieve this, learning, rather than teaching, is at the heart of everything we do. Our school day is structured to include time for students to sit and work independently, to consolidate and extend what they have learnt, as well as to prepare for upcoming lessons. Our staff are subject experts and focus on how to ensure all students are supported and challenged. Indeed, staff training is a sustained and meaningful part of school life. Finally, we will never tolerate any behaviour that disrupts the learning of our students.
Like Mossbourne, our Academy will raise aspirations, expectations and achievement for all students and will make a major contribution to the development of educational excellence in Hackney.
– Nicholas Rutherford, Principal

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